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Fantastic Web Design Tool. CSS3 and SVG Collaboration, Customizable editor

Fantastic Web Design Tool

CSS Style Editor
This tool is support CSS property editor.Supported properties provide an editor that lets you easily edit various properties such as filter, gradient, box-shadow, and so on.
Simple Transform UI
Circle UI allows you to easily apply 3d transforms as soon as you drag the mouse. Let's configure the transform-origin, perspective, translateX, Y, and Z properties along with the rotateX, Y, and Z regions.
Mini SVG Editor
It provides a simple Path and Polygon editor, and can produce simple SVG images on its own. It also provides tools to make star shapes easier.
Animation Tool
It supports tools to create transitions and keyframe animations.
Support for various internal editors for individual CSS elements when specifying keyframes. Let's also adjust the timing easily through the cubic-bezier editor.
Asset Manager
Individual elements used in the design can be recycled back to the asset. Color, Gradient, SVGFilter, and Image are supported.
Support timeline animation with js animation player. It supports anipa animation library.
Export Code
Everything on the screen consists of CSS and SVG code. You can also output directly to HTML/CSS or CodePen. Exported code includes timeline animation player.
Open Source & MIT License
The tool is open source and licensed for MIT, so it's easy to take and use. If necessary, you can extend the components and use them.
Extend & Customize
With the Sapa framework, you can easily extend and manage your tools.
This tool is designed to be the same as Sapa's basic structure.
It's also Sapa's biggest utility project.
The basic structure of Sapa is here Please check.
Splitted UI
Among the many UIs provided by the editor, if necessary, we will divide it and provide it as code. Already ColorPicker and GradientPicker is provided as a Library. Please request the necessary UI.