# Layer

Layer is the most basic unit for drawing on the screen. One layer can have child layers. The child Layer has relative coordinates inside the parent. A layer can be the target of a transition or animation.


In the ElementView, ArtBoard is represented as a Layer. In other words, you can take advantage of all the decorating features that a Layer has.

You can't put ArtBoard inside ArtBoard.

Currently supported layers are Rect, Circle, Image, Text, Cube, Path, Polygon, and Star.

# CSS based layer

# Rect

It is a rectangular Layer.

# Circle

Added a border-radius attribute to the Rect to make it a circular Layer.


The Rect can also be a Circle by adjusting the border-radius.

# Text

To make Text more convenient, we have created a Text Layer separately.

How to use is the same as Rect and the function to edit text is added.

# Image

A Layer that can represent an Image.

You can use image formats supported by web browsers such as gif, jpg, png, and svg.

# Cube

Although it is experimental, it is a component designed to make it easier to use the 3d features of css.


Currently you can set the background-color and background-image properties of each layer inside. All are included in the timeline animation target.

Experiments with further expansion will continue.

# SVG based layer

It has its own SVG-related editor and makes it easy to combine CSS and SVG environments.

# Path

Layer to create SVG path elements.

# Polygon

Similar to Path, but it is a layer that can draw only polygons.

It also supports its own editor for editing Polygons.

# Star

This layer is made to create a patterned layer to increase the utilization of the polygon.

You can easily create a Star shape.

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