# Star

Star is an editor that makes it easy to create star patterns. By default it is polygonal.

# Additional Mode

Click the star icon to switch to add mode.

First drag in the place to add a Star to adjust the direction and size.

Then you can set up two properties to create different patterns.

# count

Specifies the number of vertices. In general, Star has five vertices that you can put as you like.

The minimum number of three to the maximum number is not determined separately.

# radius rate

Sets the position of the midpoint in the space between the vertex and the vertex.

When set to 1, the curve and midpoint are located in the same space, making them more circular.

It is designated as a float number and both minus and plus values ​​can be specified.

# selection mode

When the shape is complete, return to Selection mode by pressing Esc or Enter.

# Edit Mode

Double click in the selection mode to enter edit mode.

Last Updated: 11/21/2019, 7:51:22 PM