# Keyframe

The keyframe is the attribute's value specified at a specific time.

It is consists of values ​​such as time, value, and timing.


To add a keyframe, you need to set the time.

# Set current time

In the area where the frame of the screen is displayed, you can adjust the time by dragging or clicking the area with the mouse.


Now let's see how to add keyframes.

# Add keyframe

# In inspector

After fixing the keyframe time, you can add the keyframe of the property for the current time by clicking the icon next to the property in the Inspector.


# Double click

Once the initial keyframe is added to the property panel, you can add the keyframe right away by double clicking on the same property.


# In timeline property list

If you click the keyframe icon by property in the Object List on the left of the timeline, you can add a keyframe based on the current time.


Last Updated: 2020. 5. 21. 오전 12:42:00