# Path

To further enhance the use of CSS, we support an editor for path, one of the elements of SVG.

After clicking the Path icon, the cursor changes when the mouse is on the Element View screen.

# Additional Mode

In add mode, you can draw a path by adding the necessary points to the path.

A simple click can draw a straight line, and a click and a drag can draw a curve.

If you press ESC or Enter in add mode or the last point overlaps with the start point, the editing ends and changes to the selection mode.

In editor mode, clicking on an area other than the internal editing object returns to full selection mode.

# Selection Mode

The selection mode can be set to the basic fill and strok settings required for SVG elements.

Click in the selection mode to enter the edit mode.

# Edit Mode

# Move point

In edit mode, you can move points on a straight line or points on a curve.

# Add points

You can add a point at that point by hovering and clicking on the line between points.

# Delete Point

You can delete a point with alt + click.

# Change point status

You can double-click a point to change the state of straight or curved points.

Double click on a straight point to create a curved point

Double click on a curve point to create a straight point.

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